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 Lyrics thread.

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Lyrics thread. Empty
PostSubject: Lyrics thread.   Lyrics thread. EmptyWed Jun 25, 2008 12:52 am

Post the lyrics. Name the artist. Name the song. Name the album if you want.

Nigga its Boo-Boo
But you can call me 50
F**k with me the police will have to get me
760 i-i ride imma rider
Beef pop, i'll stop talkin n get quiet
Put the muzzle on the Tech look like its on fire
My gun jammed and unjammed like i planned it
Like I was jus takin a breather im back blamming
Im Charles Bronson, Dirty Harry wit the cannon
You shootin back, but u aint hittin
Nigga im still standing
When shit dont go down smooth I dont panic
Switch pistol, switch hands, switch targets hit ya man

-50 Cent
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Lyrics thread.
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